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About Coaching

builds awareness,
empowers choice and
gives rise to change.

I am committed to help people who aspire to grow as leaders and professionals and who want to embrace challenges.

Sometimes we wish we knew

  • what the next step is
  • how we can grow
  • what is most important to us
  • how to move on
  • how we should decide

Such moments can be stressful, frightening, exciting or all of the above.

Coaching provides an invaluable space to explore these questions, increase awareness on possible avenues ahead and to develop a spirit of commitment to next steps.

It is through true listening, asking powerful and challenging questions that I support you in the process of defining future actions and creating accountability. My approach is co-active, which means that you are an equal partner in our conversations. I help you to reconnect to what you love about your work and your life which will be your guiding star to foster personal and professional growth.

The most beneficial aspect of the coaching process is that it allows you to focus on the change you desire to make in your work life or your personal life. You will find the courage to step outside your comfort zone. I offer face to face coaching sessions in the Basel area as well as online sessions across the globe. I guarantee full presence and complete confidentiality.


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    Coach Daniela Menzinger

    Coach Daniela Menzinger