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Executive coaching Basel

Executive coaching in Basel: work and lead consciously and optimally

Executive coaching can help to identify problems, improve the working atmosphere and realize existing potential. All situations are considered individually in order to find tailored solutions and establish an authentic leadership style. The more in-depth analysis and support during implementation is a decisive advantage for you and your company.

Advice for managers in Basel

The leadership style of managers is crucial for the working atmosphere and productivity. A tense and unpleasant or stressful atmosphere, on the other hand, can create numerous problems. During a comprehensive and initial analysis, you will receive an objective overview and, in the process, a better understanding of the existing potential for change.

The executive coaching is designed individually and is based on the respective case. There are no “off-the-shelf” solutions. Instead, we create tailor-made plans that optimally address the respective circumstances. This will, among other things, give you a greater awareness of your personal style and its impact on your work environment.

Developing a team culture is of great importance for the performance of a team. It determines the motivation of individual team members, how they deal with changes and strategic challenges. A good team culture enables every team member to achieve his/her full potential. In executive coaching, we support managers in defining and developing a team culture that meets the needs of the company and the team members.

Conflicts that arise again and again can be understood and avoided in the future. This is possible, among other things, through guided changing of perspective.

Support for managers – from analysis to implementation

In addition to analysis, building improved understanding and finding solutions, executive coaching also includes support in the initial implementation of innovations. This ensures in practice that the theoretical approaches produce the desired results.

An authentic leadership style is of crucial importance. This again shows the benefits of the individual approach. Only through authenticity is it possible to achieve optimal results in the long term and at the same time develop your own goals and visions. These can in turn have a positive effect on motivation and the overall working atmosphere.

During further support, adjustments can be made if necessary or an alternative can be chosen. An adjustment is made until optimization is achieved.

Executive coaching – not only useful for problems

Executive coaching is often only used or only when conflicts or problems already exist. It doesn’t just make sense in these cases. It helps with personnel changes or other innovations as well as with the desire for optimization or the achievement of new goals.

Not least for repeated orientation and testing of leadership style, it has numerous advantages. Consulting for managers can be compared to tuning an instrument. The need for this can always arise in order to create harmonious conditions and lay the best basis for productivity, efficiency and symbiotic cooperation in the company.

Topics that can be sustainably improved thanks to a coaching process:

  • Communication
  • Stress
  • Work-life balance
  • Vision
  • Performance
  • Conflicts
  • Professional development
  • Maintaining your professional network


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